Hello world!

So hello and welcome to anyone who decides to read this! I have been on my iva journey for a year now, and have just received the paperwork for my annual review. After making a few schoolboy errors and researching the internet for answers, I stumbled across this website, and decided to give this blogging thing a go.


So, where did it all go wrong? Well like many others before me I guess it’s a similar story. A relationship break up, trying to live on one wage in a house built for two. Trying to enjoy the freedom of single life, and over indulging in my trainer collection. (Some may call it a fetish, but I prefer collection!)


Eventually, things took there toll and after some consolidation loans, balance transfers and the like, it was finally time to get some help and apply for the iva, which was accepted and the payments started.

At first I thought this would be a doddle. Ok, so I didn’t have my overdraft but my re payment was nothing compared to what I had been shelling out. How hard could it be?! Well, if I have learnt one thing at all in this last year, it’s how to use a notebook and pen and start a budget. I’m so glad this has only taken 365 days to sink in!

The reality of it all didn’t really start for me until my 10 month career break trip had to be cancelled from work. Like an idiot (that’s what people will think when reading this) although I’m going for misguided,  I didn’t realise that if I decided to sell my house during my iva, then my IP would receive pretty much everything. So, with just 87 days left until the trip I had to cancel the flights, withdraw my career break application and withdraw from the sale of the house. How has this left me feeling? Well, upset, angry at myself, broken and lost. It’s been a difficult few weeks, and one which lead to looking to the trusty internet for answers.

I finally broke the news of my debt problems to my parents. This I think was my biggest relief. I didn’t want them to be disappointed in me, as I feel like I’ve failed somehow, but they were great. Once that weight was off of my mind, it was time for the battle against the iva to commence. It amazed me just how motivated you can become when you are looking for ways to save. Just by going through my bank statements I discovered I was paying for things that I had long since forgotten about, and when you tally them up it makes a huge difference. I emptied out my plastic novelty Carlsberg bottle of all the change and found that it had over £560 in. All these sorts of things just give you a little boost. My personal favourite is the 52 week money saving challenge. Look it up if you want to try it, but basically in week 1 you save £1, week 2 £2 and so on. By the end of the year it’s just over £1000 that you get. And the satisfaction of achieving a small victory!

I realise that this is a long post, but it’s my first one so had lots to talk about! My goals now are to get this completed and save for that career break. I’ve saved £15 per week on Chinese lessons, but I want that to be temporary! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I will leave you with a little quote that I found to be quite inspirational in all this.


Peace out.


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